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Josie and Adam held their joint Jewish Catholic wedding ceremony under a chuppah in the stunning Italian Church of St Peter's. In what was once the heart of London's Italian quater in Clerkenwell. The church dates from the mid 19th centuary and was the only Brasillica church of the time in the UK. Able to hold a congregtion of 2000 the church acts as a reminder of the size of "Little Italy". Built by Sir Miller-Bryson to the plans drawn by Francesco Gualandi the Italian Church's inspiration came from the San Crisogono church in the Trastevere area of Roma. The Grade II listed building also houses one of the largest bell towers in London. Commisioned by St Vincenzo Pallotti who is honoured with a Chapel the church also contains the Chapelof Madonna del Carmine and the Chapel of St Joseph

Everybody at Portobello Films wishes the happy couple all the best for the future together. We would also like to say a big thank you to all the other people involved with the day. For making everything run so smoothly for our wedding videographer.

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