Civil Partnership Video

Full Civil Partnership ceremony video filmed by one of our in-house wedding videographers

Civil Partnership Video

Highlights from civil partnership video in London at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

London Videography

Check out one of our favorite civil partnership videos filmed at the Swan at the Globe on London's Bankside. Filmed in HD - toggle the HD button

  • A definite favorite of ours, we love this civil partnership video. It was so much fun to film and edit and with the traditional speeches not replaced but complemented by a series of performance, stand up and live music. Brilliant.

  • The happy couple had friends and family from all over the world attending their civil partnership so chose to have the entire day at The Swan at the Globe. The Globe Theatre that is right on the banks of the Thames near Tate Modem and opposite from St Paul's on Bankside. Perfect for our wedding videographer in London

  • Because everything was filmed in the same venue our wedding videographer wanted to give each space the feeling of it's own identity by using slightly differing eyelines and using little motifs and details. The beginning shows the downstairs bar and the exterior, followed by the upstairs civil partnership ceremony, then cocktails on the middle floor. The wedding breakfast on the top floor again with it's wonderful Thames views. Then coffees and drinks and exterior shots back down at the raised ground floor bar. We hope that our wedding videographer has managed to capture each space with relative simplicity yet with the viewer always understands where the action is taking place.

  • Our wedding videographer loved the natural sunlight that poured through the Thames facing windows. So to utilize the amazing lighting conditions our videographer used a range of neutral density filters to control over exposure from the white table cloths and other reflective surfaces.


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At Portobello Films we understand just how much planning, time and effort can go into a Civil Partnership and the following celebrations. We feel the same way about our civil partnership videos. So much so that our in-house videographers are available to meet up for a coffee, or to run over a few ideas over the phone. Just part of our truly modern and personal wedding videography service
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