• Portobello films uses the very latest equipment. Our 8 Core Xeon, 10GB ram, Mac Pro wedding video edit suites.

  • Running the most up to date version of Final Cut Studio which includes industry standard Motion for professional titling, Color for TV grading, Sound Track Pro for sound mixing (see wedding video sound mixing), Compressor for the highest quality VBR Wedding DVD files and Final Cut the only Mac specific edit software used by production and broadcast houses world wide.

  • The results of all this top end technology? Amazing, making your wedding video bright, light and colourful. With deep focus, incredible depth of field and superior colour and luminance handling.


At Portobello Films wedding videography, we make unique, personal, handcrafted, modern wedding videos. Filmed and edited by discreet broadcast professionals. Based in London, we supply personalised packages to our customers from all over the UK. Portobello Films is part of television and film production and services company Future Farm Productions Ltd.

*Portobello Films is a trading division of Future Farm Productions Ltd. Company registered in England and Wales. Company number 6305460


To watch our wedding videos filmed at Hedsor House in HD just toggle the HD symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the screen

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Our videographers edit all our wedding videos to real, full broadcast standards. With no cheesy effects or cheap tricks. We import and edit everything in full HD. Using only the most up to date versions of fully registered and legal software on regularly serviced systems. We also take care of your wedding video after editing by storing every frame in our wedding video archive for safe keeping
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