Small camera big results. “Filmic” quality footage and excellent low light handling
Providing incredibly sharp footage, with semi-shoulder design and pro lens
Television drama cameras are just part of what we offer in the Diamond Lounge

When there is no “take two”, we know that the equipment we use, is just as important as the way we use it. That is why we rely on the same cameras, equipment and software that is relied upon every day for film, TV and television drama. We film and edit all our work in broadcast quality 1080p HD as standard. Creating a HD master edit for future HD copies, while supplying SD widescreen versions for today.

Our new range of cameras are referred to as “Solid State” This means that they can record very high resolution footage without tape. Instead they record onto a specialist flash drives, providing two huge advantages. With no tape there are no moving parts, no wear, or snagging, or chewing or stretching or any of the other things tapes like to do. Secondly there is no capturing, which is a process by which the tapes are literally, played in real time into a computer prior to editing. It is a painful task and offers the cassettes more opportunity to do their worst. Instead with solid state the footage is swapped over to the computer in minutes. Greatly reducing the risk of any nastiest, and enabling us to offer a swift turn around with no quality compromise.


At Portobello Films wedding videography, we make unique, personal, handcrafted, modern wedding videos. Filmed and edited by discreet broadcast professionals. Based in London, we supply personalised packages to our customers from all over the UK. Portobello Films is part of television and film production and services company Future Farm Productions Ltd.


*Portobello Films is a trading division of Future Farm Productions Ltd. Company registered in England and Wales. Company number 6305460