Pembroke Lodge Wedding
Filmed by 1 wedding videographer

Kensington Roof Garden Wedding
A film by 1 wedding videographer

Lansdowne Club Wedding
A film by 1 wedding videographer

Westminster Cathedral Wedding
Filmed by 2 wedding videographers

Lords Cricket Club

A one wedding videographer film

Wedding Video Highgate
Filming by 1 wedding videographer

Civil Partnership The Globe Theatre
Filming by 1 wedding videographer

Banqueting House Wedding
Filmed by 1 wedding videographer
Take advantage of Portobello Films west London base for your wedding video. With all our staff living and working in the London we are always on hand to meet up for a coffee and a chat. Plus with our extensive knowledge of London's wedding video locations. The filming of your special day in the capital will be the one thing you don't need to worry about. See wedding videos in London below

Wedding Videos London

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  • With Portobello Films being based in London not only are we familiar with the many wedding video locations and wedding venues throughout the capital. But as Londoners we also know the streets, the one way systems and when memory fails or parking is restricted, we have our account with Addison Lee to fall back on. So even when London was covered in a thick blanket of snow, we managed to arrive in central London, early and unflustered.

  • One of the best things about being based in London is that the capital keeps you on your toes. A city that expects a high level of professionalism with the minimum amount of fuss. At Portobello Films we could not imagine being based anywhere else.

  • The best thing of course is the city itself. What a location! From Richmond Park to Crystal Palace to Fulham Palace to the hills of north London to the City of London. Bethnal Green to Green Park . With newly discovered history emerging every day from the foundations of tomorrows skyline. It is a remarkable place to live and work
    At Portobello Films we always document the context of your special day. We shoot the establishing shots, the details, the guests arriving dressed to the nines. Imagine watching your film with family and friends in 40 years from now. Just imagine how it would look, imagine just how much would have changed. The best thing about filming in London? Is filming in London.

  • At Portobello Films we make quality, handcrafted films that you will want to watch again and again and again.


At Portobello Films wedding videography, we make unique, personal, handcrafted, modern wedding videos. Filmed and edited by discreet broadcast professionals. Based in London, we supply personalised packages to our customers from all over the UK. Portobello Films is part of television and film production and services company Future Farm Productions Ltd.


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