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At Portobello Films wedding videography, we make unique, personal, handcrafted, modern wedding videos. Filmed and edited by discreet broadcast professionals. Based in London, we supply personalised packages to our customers from all over the UK. Portobello Films is part of television and film production and services company Future Farm Productions Ltd.

*Portobello Films is a trading division of Future Farm Productions Ltd. Company registered in England and Wales. Company number 6305460

Wedding Videographer London

Wedding video London
Film by 1 wedding videographer

Wedding video the Strand London
Filmed by 1 wedding videographer

Wedding video Landmark Hotel
A film by 1 wedding videographer

Wedding video Lanesborough Hotel
A film by 1 wedding videographer

Wedding video Naval Military Club
Filmed by 2 wedding videographers

Wedding video Landsdowne Club

A one wedding videographer film

London wedding video
Filming by 1 wedding videographer

Civil Partnership The Globe Theatre
Filming by 1 wedding videographer

Wedding video Greenwhich
Filmed by 1 wedding videographer
London Videography
  • At Portobello Film we think that while having a modern sensibility definately helps. To film a truly natural, discreet modern wedding video two things need to happen.

  • Firstly the client needs to feel totally at ease with the videographers. Our in-house wedding videographers are based in London and are available to meet up for a chat and a coffee. The videographer you meet with would be the one shooting on the day. They would follow your footage through edit and would always remain a point of contact right through the post production stage and advise on delivery.

  • Secondly. We shoot a lot of shots. While all weddings will have their set pieces, it is getting all the other shots that really make for an entertaining film. Our small group of videographers really know how to capture those fleeting moments, the big belly laughs, the way that something catches the light, Shots that just seem to naturally play out in front of camera.


    Use a Portobello Films in-house modern wedding videographer London, for your wedding video. With a discreet, subtle style of filming to catch all those natural, magic moments on your special day. A Portobello Films wedding videographer will capture you and all your family and friends at their very best. See some of our modern wedding videography filmed in London below.
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